Monday, February 06, 2006

Bstat Zero on the Whitney Artport

After more than a year, and full time for the past 6 months, I've finally completed the installation of Bstat Zero. The project is now featured (for February 2006) on the Arport site of the Whitney Museum of American Art:
or just plain

I described the project earlier in the blog:
I'm hoping now to get back to the studio to work on some prints, starting with the baren exchange #28.

Because of my involvement with Internet Art, in addtion to having a web site at
I run a small server for various projects, and this week-end, I began fooling around with a "templating" language called Smarty that plugs into php, which is a programming langauge used for web pages and web sites. As a kind of practice project, I set up a page that displays links to web sites that fit in with my interests--new media art and woodblock printmaking. It's at:
Net18-reaching was originally a networking project invovling three artists, which we started at the Banff Centre for the Arts New Media Institute and was housed on a server at the University of Manitoba School of Art, where the address was and the project was called "reaching". Hence the name.

If you have a relevant link which you'd like me to include, please send it along to me in a comment to this blog entry.